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Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights

The Egyptian Foundation for Refugee and Migrant Rights is a non-governmental organization that assists in securing the rights of refugees and migrants in Egypt as guaranteed by international and domestic law.  The Foundation provides legal services to individual refugee and migrants and to groups of refugees and migrants.

The Foundation has as its goal the promotion of the enjoyment of the rights of refugees and migrants in Egypt as guaranteed by international and domestic law.

In order to achieve this goal, the Foundation conducts the following core activities:
• To provide assistance to individual refugees and migrants and groups of refugees and migrants in domestic and international legal proceedings designed to secure the enjoyment of their rights in Egypt;
• To educate refugees and migrants in Egypt, Egyptian lawyers, non-governmental organizations, Egyptian government officials, journalists in Egypt, the Egyptian public and others about the rights of refugees and migrants in Egypt;
• To otherwise advocate for the enjoyment by refugees and migrants in Egypt of their rights and other benefits fundamental to their basic human dignity
As much as possible, the Foundation coordinates its activities with elements of civil society in Egypt and abroad and with refugees and migrants themselves.

In 2009, the Foundation is focusing its work on three core human rights.  It has organized programs in order to help migrants and refugees secure the protection of the following rights
 (1) Freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention;

 (2) Right to the equal protection of the law; and,
 (3) Freedom of association


Address: 94 Mohamed Fared St
Dawn Town
Tel/ fax: +20 2 23910491
E-mail: efrr_eg@yahoo.com
Website: https://egyptianfoundation.wordpress.com/