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Enhancing the Architecture of Protection for the Forcibly Displaced in Africa

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Recent publications of the International Refugee Rights Initiative related to Refugee Law & Policy:

IRRI Submission to the UK Government’s International Development Committee Inquiry into forced displacement and humanitarian responses in Central and East Africa, January 2017

I Know the Consequences of War: Understanding the dynamics of displacement in Burundi, 7 December 2016

Sudan: Civil Society Statement on Push Factors in Sudan and the Khartoum Process, 20 June 2016.

David Kigozi, What will the Status of Refugees in an East African Federation Be? EACSOF newsletter, October 2015

Botswana: Repatriating Eritreans Without Access to Asylum Procedure Would Violate International Law and Could Amount to Refoulement, 16 October 2015

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- Al Jazeera TV report (not available in U.S.)
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- University of Oxford’s Border Criminologies article

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Our Approach

The displaced are often the most visible, and the most vulnerable, in conflict situations around the world. Protection for these populations is necessary, not only to safeguard the human rights of those affected, but also to build sustainable peace.

Africa is a microcosm of both the major challenges to, and opportunities for, innovative approaches to the protection of the displaced globally. It leads the way in the development of new norms and polices. Over the past five years, IRRI has influenced debates on displacement and protection through offering advice on the development and use of regional legal mechanisms, conducting thorough social science research, and supporting local civil society advocates to  intervene in specific situations where refugee rights are under threat.

  • Leveraging legal frameworks: At the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights IRRI has helped to take forward refugee rights through support for litigation and institutional developments at the Commission.. In the Great Lakes Region, IRRI has established itself as an expert on the Pact on Security, Stability and Development, a package of new legal instruments and programs with tremendous implications for the situation of the displaced, and is supporting local organisations to leverage these instruments on their behalf.
  • Research: IRRI’s research program enhances the timeliness and effectiveness of advocacy around the rights of the forcibly displaced in both emergency and long term contexts. We engage in legal and field-based research to better understand the situation of conflict affected communities bringing new insight and credibility to our advocacy with policy makers.
  • Capacity building and networking: IRRI establishes linkages and helps build the capacity of civil society working to promote the rights of the forcibly displaced.