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Sudan: The Limits of a Lonely Court

By Olivia Bueno

published in Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The Deterrent Effect of the International Criminal Court, published by the International Nuremburg Principles Academy, 4 November 2016.

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Refugees, Conflict and the Search for Belonging

By Lucy Hovil

(Palgrave Macmillan, September 2016)

(27 September 2016) The International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI) is pleased to announce the publication of Refugees, Conflict and the Search for Belonging by Lucy Hovil, IRRI’s Senior Researcher. This timely publication, based on seven years of research by IRRI in Eastern and Central Africa, has application beyond the region, pointing to drivers and failures that continue to feed the global refugee crisis.

The book, described by Jeff Crisp as “[a]n indispensable analysis of the complex dynamics of displacement and citizenship in Eastern and Central Africa,” examines the convergence of two problems: the ongoing realities of conflict and forced migration, and the crisis of citizenship and belonging. By addressing them together, it examines how a holistic approach can more effectively point the way towards possible solutions.

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Report of the ICGLR Civil Society Reflection Meeting on the Situation in Burundi

On 24 May 2016, IRRI's Executive Director, Andie Lambe presented at a civil society conference on the drivers of conflict in Burundi.

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