IRRI Rights in Exile Newsletter – March 2018

Published: 9 Mar 2018

Issue 90

ISSN 2049-2650

Editorial Team: Fiona McKinnon, Mandy Jam, Susan Fratzke, Catherine Tyson, Natsumi Paxton, Nejla Sammakia, Iana Messetchkova, Mohamed ElSayeh, Kavita Kapur, Joshua Lowe, and Christian Jorgensen.

Chief Editor: Themba Lewis

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In this issue:


Thoughts on the Deportation of De-Facto Citizens

Prison or deportation: The impossible choice for asylum seekers in Israel


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

In solidarity with civil society in Hungary

Belgium: Returns to Sudan violated principles of non-refoulement

Australia: Humanitarian crisis looms as government collapses lifesaving support services for people seeking asylum

Deportation of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers from Israel and the legality of relocation/transfer agreements

Thailand returns UNHCR recognised refugee to Cambodia despite overwhelming safety concerns

Despite global refugee crisis, Japan accepts only 20 refugees in 2017

Statement on Israel’s latest deportation scheme

Netherlands: Plans to curtail legal aid to asylum seekers

Mass arrests and detention of migrants again in Algeria

Legal aid (individual legal representation in asylum/refugee context) for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Greece: Challenges and barriers

Israel appeals tribunal rules: Desertion from the Eritrean military is a valid claim for asylum

US Asylum Office implements major changes to asylum interview scheduling

European Court of Human Rights gives legitimacy to conditions in hotspot and detention under EU Turkey Statement – NGOs concerned

Case Notes

European Court of Human Rights ruling in M.A. v. France (application no. 9373/15) [Article 3, Article 13 ECHR], 1 February 2018

Communicated cases against Italy, the Netherlands and Russia by the European Court of Human Rights

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU): Requests for a preliminary ruling, C-582/17 H & C-583/17 R

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU): Requests for a preliminary ruling, C-661/17 M.A., S.A., A.Z.

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child delivers its first decision on the merits of an individual communication

UK Court of Appeal: guidance on stays of removal in Article 3 ECHR cases with reference to Paposhvili v Belgium

Italy: Court of Cassation clarifies the scope of the right to legal aid for “irregular migrants”

CJEU: Judgment in case C-360/16 Hasan, 25 January 2018

CJEU: Judgment in case C-473/16 F, 25 January 2018

CJEU: AG Opinion in cases C-175/17 X and C-180/17 X and Y, 24 January 2018

Matter of J-C-H-F-, 27 I&N Dec. 211 (BIA 2018): US Board of Immigration Appeals upholds Immigration Judge’s rejection of appeal based on applicant’s border interview

NYC’s Immigration Court erodes accommodations for children without attorneys

Deportation of foreign criminals: out of country appeals still lawful

Opinion and Editorial

Turkey is using Syrian refugees as bargaining chips as it moves against the Kurds

How to solve our broken refugee resettlement system?

Letters to the editors

Training the military to protect the rights of refugees


Newsletter links

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Adala UK: An update on recent events in relation to Western Sahara


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Programmes: Rights in Exile
Regions: Great Lakes Region, North and Horn of Africa, Other
Type: Refugee Rights News