Issue 73-October 2016


ISSN 2049-2650

Editorial Team: Lily Parrott, Fiona McKinnon, Jennie Corbett, Mandy Jam, Ana Beatriz González, Nejla Sammakia, Susan Fratzke, Catherine Tyson, Natsumi Paxton, Allison Perlin, Dalia Malek, Rachel Westerby, Iana Messetchkova and Alice Mercier.

Chief Editor: Themba Lewis

Short Pieces



Although Bulgaria has introduced a new statelessness determination procedure into its national legislation, the high threshold of qualifying criteria will exclude many....


Lettes to the Editor



“The recruitment of children by different armed groups, including Afghan security troops, is a topic of particular concern since a...


TRAC Immigration Project on US federal immigration enforcement The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) is a data gathering, research and distribution organisation...


Call for submissions: ImmPrint ImmPrint, a new publication of US-based Community Initiatives Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC), is seeking submissions from individuals...


Haringey Migrant Support Center seeks volunteers for many positions, London, UK The Haringey Migrant Support Center (HMSC) is looking for volunteers to...

Grants and awards

Access to Education and Employment Grants from Refugee Survival Trust, Scotland, UK The Refugee Survival Trust (RST) is offering Access to Education and...

Calls for papers

The Forced Migration Review is seeking submissions of articles on the subject of resettlement. The FMR editors are looking for articles reflecting...