Dr Peter Siavelis

Published: 7 Oct 2016

Peter Siavelis is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program at Wake Forest University.  He is an expert in electoral, legislative and presidential politics in Chile. His publications include books entitled The President and Congress in Post-authoritarian Chile, Pathways to Power: Political Recruitment and Candidate Selection in Latin…

Dr Helia López Zarzosa

Published: 7 Oct 2016

Helia López Zarzosa, sociologist and a former refugee from Chile. Most of her life as practitioner and scholar is embedded in the ‘refugee cycle’. Her lived experiences as asylum seeker, refugee, returnee and failed returnee are against the background of the political and social transformation processes in Chile. These experiences have informed and shaped her…

Dr Patricio Navia

Published: 7 Oct 2016

Patricio Navia, Professor, Political Science, Universidad Diego Portales, has published on democratization, electoral rules and democratic institutions in Chile and more broadly in Latin America. As founding director of Observatorio Electoral at Universidad Diego Portales in Chile, he has co-edited Democracia Municipal (2012), El sismo electoral de 2009. Cambio y continuidad en las preferencias políticas…

Dr Francis Peddie

Published: 7 Oct 2016

Dr Peddie is a historian from Toronto, Canada, specialized in contemporary Latin American history and Canadian immigration history. His research focuses on Chilean refugees, political exiles and economic migrants in Canada from the 1970s to the present day and the effect their arrival had on Canadian immigration and refugee policy. Dr Peddie has an extensive…

Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes (Jesuit Service for Migrants and Refugees)

Published: 6 Oct 2016

Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes (Jesuit Service for Migrants and Refugees), the work of the Jesuits in Chile, is a nongovernmental non-profit organisation working with migrants and refugees in Arica, Antofagasta and Santiago. Please see bellow for regional services and contact details. Office: Arica Email: Address: José Miguel Carrera 1515, Oficina 6 Telephone: (56+58) 2474583…

Center for Human Rights and Immigration Clinic – La Universidad de Diego Portales

Published: 6 Oct 2016

The Center for Human Rights conducts research on human rights and social justice and hosts the Public Interest Law Clinic. The Center seeks to promote the respect and protection of human rights in the country and all over the region. It monitors public policies, promoting their transparency and efficiency in the protection of individual and…