Fabiano L. de Menezes

Published: 6 Oct 2016

State/Province: São Paulo
Telephone: (55) (13) 9726-7132

National refugee law, regional asylum procedures


Fabiano L. de Menezes is currently studying for his PhD, a comparative study of law, integration, assistance and reception benefits for asylum seekers and refugees in Latin America, at the University of São Paulo. Previously, he worked as a lawyer for Caritas Diocesana de Santos between 2003 and 2010, where he was responsible for the refugee centre in the city of Santos in São Paulo State, representing asylum seekers and refugees with the local immigration authorities and assisisting them in requesting asylum from the National Refugee Committee. He holds an MA in International Relations from the University of New South Wales, Australia (2003), and an LLM from the Catholic University of Santos (2006). His regional expertise is with national refugee law and procedures (Brazil, Argentina, Equador, Venezuela and Panama). He speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish.