COI PORTAL Beta versio

Published: 7 Oct 2016


EASO is pleased to announce the launch of the new COI Portal Beta version

Now accessible to the public with the aim to increase COI transparency for all asylum practitioners, including civil society, this platform has been redesigned to provide attractive and up-to-date interfaces and improved search capabilities. Re-focused as a specialist application, the EASO COI Portal delivers COI authored by national asylum administrations from EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland, EASO and EU institutions (EU External Action Service, European Parliament, etc.).

This beta version allows users to search for COI from different sources, in different languages and to be regularly informed of COI publications or events. Additional features – such as country or topic specific alerts, country overview pages, and dedicated collaboration spaces for the EASO COI Specialists Networks – will be added progressively throughout the year 2016. For non-English documents, more English abstracts will be provided in the future, allowing the users to identify relevant information. Visit the EASO COI Portal at: