Asociación de profesionales en desarrollo para las personas en condición de pobreza (Association of Professionals to develop people living under conditions of poverty) (APRODE)

Published: 6 Oct 2016

Telephone: 22 25 28 10
Fax: 22 80 11 91
Street Address: Moravia, 200m Norte de Burger King

Its staff has more than 10 years of experience in executing and managing credit programmes oriented to the population in conditions of poverty and social exclusion. Currently, there are the following programmes: Credit Programme for integration and development; Credit Programme for Refugees in Costa Rica, sponsored by UNHCR and coordinated by ACAI is recognized as a model in Latin America (more than 700 credits and more than 1000 new jobs were created by this programme of high social impact that transform a population subject to social assistance to actively economic people who generate jobs and development to the country).

It focus on gender issues, micro-entrepreneurs, refugees, adults, single mothers and women victims of domestic violence, as well as socially excluded. All productive activities are focused on the use of technology and with the aim to generating jobs with sustainable development.