Avocats Sans Frontiéres (ASF)

Published: 6 Oct 2016

City: Kinshasa
Website: www.asf.be

The primary goal of Avocats Sans Frontiéres (ASF) is to contribute to the establishment of institutions and mechanisms that allow for access to independent and impartial justice, and which are capable of guaranteeing the protection of fundamental rights (civil and political, economic and social), including the right to a fair trial. ASF implements projects aimed at providing legal advice and assistance in collaboration with national lawyers and for the following categories of beneficiaries: minors, women, detainees, victims of human rights violations and fundamental freedoms. In the absence of other sources of such specialised legal aid, refugees are encouraged to contact the ASF office.

Office: Bukavu
Office Address: Avenue Muhumba, Quartier, Muhumba
Tel.: +243 (0) 81 44 60 208
Email: rdc-rbbk@asf.be

Office: Bunia
Office Address: Avenue Ituri, N° 458, Quartier Lumumba, Bunia
Tel: +243 (0) 97 00 48 946
Email: rdc-rbb@asf.be

Office: Gome
Office Address: 81, Avenue La Corniche, Quartier Volcans
Tel: +243 (0) 8 14 57 18 43
Email: rdc-cpr1@asf.be

Office: Kinshasa
Office Address: Immeuble Congo Fer 1er niveau Avenue Colonnel Ebeya 15/17 Kinshasa/Gombe
Tel: +257 22 24 16 77 or +257 22 24 63 35
Email: rdc-caf@asf.be

Office: Mbandaka
Office Address: 17, avenue Mobutu, Commune de Mbandaka
Email: rdc-ali@asf.be