Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

Published: 5 Oct 2016

Website: www.bghelsinki.org
Telephone: +35 92 98 80 057
+35 92 98 13 318
Fax: +35 92 98 80 057
+35 92 98 13 318
Street Address: Refugees and Migrants Legal Protection Programme, 1 Uzundjovska Street, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

The programme offers legal consultations, representation and attorney defense to approximately 5,000 people annually; takes part in the development of the refugee and immigration policy of Bulgaria; and assists the integration of refugees in Bulgaria, as well as for their dignified return to their countries of origin.

The programme offers free specialised legal consultations. The programme staff are engaged in: representation in refugee status determination proceedings, professional and independent legal defence, defence before the courts and other state institutions, assistance for successful integration, assistance for voluntary repatriation.