Center for Human Rights and Immigration Clinic – La Universidad de Diego Portales

Published: 6 Oct 2016

Contact Person: Juan Vargas
Telephone: (562) 67 62 601
Fax: (562) 67 62 602
Street Address: Decano Facultad de Derecho, Universidad Diego Portales, República 105 Santiago, Chile

The Center for Human Rights conducts research on human rights and social justice and hosts the Public Interest Law Clinic. The Center seeks to promote the respect and protection of human rights in the country and all over the region. It monitors public policies, promoting their transparency and efficiency in the protection of individual and social rights. Key areas of their work are: gender and human rights; social inclusion; prisoners’ rights and the relation between constitutional law and international human rights law. Amongst others the center produces its Annual Report on Human Rights.

Within the University of Diego Portales, the Faculty of Law hosts an Immigration Clinic in Santiago. The clinic offers legal orientation and representation to migrants and refugees in immigration and refugee cases. It also offers orientation in regards to the Chilean legal system and the public and privates entities that offer legal representation in labor affairs before the Inspección del Trabajo. It also carries out advocacy strategies domestically and at the international level.