Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights

Published: 6 Oct 2016


The Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights (EFRR) is a non-governmental organization since mid 2008. The EFRR currently provides legal assistance to refugees and migrants who are in detention and who find themselves the victims of crime (both from private individuals and public officials).

EFFR’s Access to justice team provides legal representation to refugees who are in detention and/or facing refoulement, refugees who are victims of crime, including by state agents, and refugees who have been wrongfully accused of committing crimes. This includes full representation before courts, prosecution offices, police stations and different Egyptian authorities. In addition, the Access to justice team will provide representation to refugees needing to issue changes in civil status (birth, marriage, divorce, and death), which impacts significantly a refugee’s ability to access services and enjoy his rights.

Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) team’s main purpose is to protect and respond to victims of violence who have been attacked based on their gender and/or sexually as well as preventing refugee communities from being subjected to SGBV. The team works with asylum seekers and refugees of all nationalities and genders without a focus on age difference; including minors.

The SGBV team provides the following services:

  • Full case management cases for SGBV survivors in accordance to client needs through in-depth, therapeutic interviews based on a developed model of intervention;
  • Counseling individuals, groups, or families who are victims of SGBV in order to develop a realistic action plan that suits the survivor;
  • Developing treatment and rehabilitation strategies in accordance with clients interests, abilities, and needs;
  • Planning and holding support groups and workshops in response to refugee needs;
  • Advocating for clients with partner organizations and service providers;
  • Accompanying clients to services when appropriate/needed;
  • Assisting in the development of new SGBV initiatives according to SGBV survivor needs;
  • Holding regular follow-up meetings with clients to support and ensure access to available services and rehabilitation.

AMERA-Egypt has now ceased operating as AMERA-Egypt, having merged with the Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights. The Board of Trustees of AMERA UK would like to express its appreciation and gratitude to the hundreds of persons, both Egyptian and ‘expatriates’ who endeavoured to provide legal assistance and other services to refugees since its beginnings in 2000.

Office: Cairo
Office Address: 7 Mohamed Mahmud St, First Floor, Apartment 9, (Beside AUC library) Down Town, Cairo
Office Tel: +20 (0) 2 279 22689

Office Alexandria:
Office Address: Bulding number 22, First floor, Moharem Bek, Alexandria
Office Tel: +20 (0) 1011722876
Contact persons: Mr Badawy 010 98 89 55 88, Mr Bayoumi (Cairo) 010 98 89 55 89