FCJ Refugee Centre

Published: 6 Oct 2016

State/Province: Ontario
Website: www.fcjrefugeecentre.org
Telephone: 416-469-9754
Street Address: 208 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6E 2V4

With an open door approach, FCJ Refugee Centre offers an integrated model of refugee protection, settlement and educational services, and shelter for woman and their children. The Centre’s mandate is to assist refugees and other uprooted people in re-establishing their lives and integrate into Canadian society by:

  1. Offering inclusive and timely counseling and support, including interpretation, pro bono legal support, information and referral, mentoring and employment training programs on Canadian culture and life, as well as other educational workshops;  
  2. Providing temporary shelter for woman and children and ;
  3. Collaborating with relevant organizations to deliver popular education about the immigration and refugee process, as well as on the protection of the human rights and dignity of uprooted people.