International Detention Coalition

Published: 5 Oct 2016

State/Province: Western Australia
Telephone: +61 39 99 91 607
Fax: +61 39 62 97 213
Street Address: C/O Hub Melbourne, Level 1, 112 Langridge St, Collingwood Victoria 3066, Australia

The International Detention Coalition (IDC) is a network of than 200 organisations and individuals that provide legal, social, medical and other services, carry out research and reporting, and undertake advocacy and policy work on behalf of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers. These groups and individuals, who are from more than 50 countries, have come together to form the International Detention Coalition to share information and promote good practices relating to the use of detention by governments. The IDC is a member of the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN).

The IDC was formed out of NGO discussions in Geneva on the need to promote greater protection of and respect for human rights of those held in detention and to raise awareness of detention policies and practices. And also to enhance discussions among those working with detainees about the need for better regional and international networking. The IDC’s main activities are: coalition building – developing the coalition and strengthening communication and information sharing between members; advocacy and campaign building – developing the advocacy and campaign capacity of members and the IDC, with a focus on children in detention and alternatives to detention; capacity building – facilitates training, resources and skills-sharing, as well as targeted partner projects with and between members, with a particular focus on members in the south.