Kingsley Jesuorobo and Associates

Published: 6 Oct 2016

Telephone: (001) 41 68 69 10 47
Fax: (001) 41 68 69 13 90
Street Address: Suite 318, 1280 Finch Ave. West, North York, Ontario, Canada M3J 3K6

Kingsley Jesuorobo and Associates describe themselves as a ‘one stop legal boutique for all immigration and refugee protection needs’. The firm’s Principal Counsel, Kingsley Jesuorobo, has fought many successful cases on behalf of those seeking asylum, and has had notable landmark successes in securing asylum for individuals suffering accusations of witchcraft. The firm accepts Legal Aid Ontario certificates for representation in deserving cases, and the website contains a number of legal advice videos, devised by Jesuorobo, which may provide guidance to some seeking asylum in Canada.