Minority Rights Organization (MIRO)

Published: 6 Oct 2016

Website: www.mirocambodia.org
Contact Person: SOURN Butmao, Executive Director
Telephone: +855 23 538 1777
+855 11 919 979
Street Address: House 05, Street 69, Village 2, Sangkat Boeung Tom Pon, Khan Meanchey, Cambodia

The Minority Rights Organization (MIRO) seeks to strengthen vulnerable minority communities in Cambodia including the Khmer Krom who have escaped from southern Vietnam. The MIRO considers human rights awareness, legal aid, empowerment initiatives and capacity building to be of utmost importance to establish viable living conditions and bring about a sustainable improvement to the economic and social integration. MIRO strives to promote and defend the human rights, social and economic prosperity with needs-based projects, advocacy activities as well as public and media relation activities. MIRO was founded by a group of Cambodian experts who have years of experience of minority rights issues.