New Generation Foundation for Human Rights

Published: 6 Oct 2016

Telephone: +49 174 976 4390
hamdy.alazazy (Skype)
Street Address: Kastorpfaffenstr. 3, 56068, Koblenz, Germany

Established by Hamdy Al-Azazy, New Generation Foundation for Human Rights is an organization that has helped African refugees everywhere in the world generally, and in prisons and hospitals in the Sinai, Egypt where few others could go. Assistance includes visiting refugees prisoners; providing food, clothing, medication and other items; recording names, ages and nationalities of prisoners; assisting with arrangements for medical treatment, travel documentation, burial requirements at Arish morgue; photo documentation of abuse of refugees by extortionists; encouraging local Bedouins to oppose hostage-taking, torture and abuse by renegade groups; participating in human rights conferences in Cairo and many other countries. NGFHR had also facilitated interviews and tours to increase media awareness. Mr Hamdy Al-Azazy has been working hard for the last 10 years to stop human trafficking in Africa, and now completes his work from Germany. He received international protection when he faced danger from the traffickers and mafia in North Africa.