Ibrahim Lutwama


Ibrahim Lutwama is an associate with IRRI. He focuses on research and advocacy for the welfare and human rights of refugees and dispalced persons while enhancing the protection of marginalized and vulnerable persons before, during and after conflict. He started his career as an intern with the Uganda Police Force (CPS) where he advocated for the rights of victims and offenders and enlightened the police force about human rights and their ethical obligation to the country and citizens as they execute their duties.
Before joining IRRI, Ibrahim worked as an associate and Uganda representative of Horn of Africa News Agency & Human Rights (HANAHR), embarking on the promotion and protection of the rights of human rights defenders, research on humanitarian and human rights concerns; like refugees crisis, terrorism, displacements among others.
Apart from Uganda Ibrahim works as an independent human rights researcher in Africa and the Middle East where human rights injustices ramble at a high scale. He holds a bachelor’s in Ethics and Human Rights from Makerere University.

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