Erisa Dautaj Senerdem

Published: 6 Oct 2016


Erisa Dautaj Senerdem is a full-time reporter at the London-based Argus Media. She has previously worked as an advisor at the Albanian parlaiment, assisting with approximation of the country’s legislation to the EU acquis and has also instructed part time at the New York University in Tirana. Having been brought up in Albania and given her previous experiences, she has an excellent understanding of human rights issues in Albania. Erisa Dautaj Senerdem has a distinct interest in migration and refugee-related issues, has contributed actively in the improvement of law on asylum while working at the Albanian parliament in 2009, and has written extensively on human rights issues during her career as a journalist. She was also coordinator for extensive research work on Africa in Istanbul. She can provide analyses in a wide variety of issues including children, woman, human rights, gender issues, blood feuds, honor killings, family violence and the like.