If you are a refugee who is applying for asylum through UNHCR, here are Self Help Kits to aid you in the process of writing your statement for your Refugee Status Determination Interview. The kits are available in Arabic, English and French.

Additionally, below is a list of non-government organisations (NGOs) or not-for-profit organisations (and, in rare cases, individual lawyers) who offer pro bono legal aid and/or other services related to the needs of refugees. Some countries have no legal aid for refugees but do have NGOs that provide other services that can be valuable for refugees and might lead to legal aid.

These listings has been provided by the organization or an individual, or occasionally obtained from a website. Every effort is made to list only bona fide organizations and to ensure accuracy, but we cannot assume responsibility for errors or quality of services.

Please contact us to correct or suggest listings.

Those who experience violations of the Nairobi Code in the services provided by an organization, or otherwise experience serious problems with its services as they are described in the entry provided on this website, are encouraged to write to Michael Gallagher or Barbara Harrell-Bond.