Lori Amy

Published: 6 Oct 2016


Lori Amy is a Professor in the Department of Writing and Linguistics at Georgia Southern University, where she researches and writes about the ways that violence writes our identities. ¬†At the moment she researches traumatic memory and identity under communism and in transition in Albania, a project for which she has conducted field work in Albania. Her current book project, Re-Membering in Transition: Trajectories of Violence, Structures of Denial, and the Struggle for Meaning in Post-Communist Albania, maps experiences of political violence across three generations in Albania, with particular attention to the transgenerational transmission of trauma and the intersection of the violences of totalitarianism and transition. Lori Amy has taught at the University of Tirana and has published extensively on Albania’s history and culture. She is also involved with the Albania-America Educational Network and speaks Shqip (Albanian).