Wilfredo O. Allen P.A.

Published: 7 Oct 2016


Wilfredo Allen is an attorney and member of the Florida Bar. He was a member of the Cuban American Bar association until 2008. He worked as an attorney for Human Rights in Cuba, a Non-profit organization that provided information about human rights in Cuba, presenting cases before the United Nations Human Rights Commission and meeting with Cuban refugees. He also worked as an attorney for the Centre for Human Rights where he helped prepare reports on human rights in Cuba. As an Immigration attorney in the US he has worked in many cases with Cubans that have left the island. He has given expert testimony in various courts.
He holds an International studies degree from the Florida State University; Post graduate studies in Spanish literature from the University of Valencia; Graduate courses in international studies from the University of Miami, masters in social work from the University of Barry and a Juris Doctor from the University of Miami.