Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC)

Published: 7 Oct 2016

Contact Person: Liz Williams
Stephanie Huber

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) provides country reports to support individual asylum claims for use in representations to the Home Office, the UK Immigration and Asylum Chambers and to international refugee decision making bodies. ARC is staffed by human rights researchers and COI specialists. Its case-specific country of origin information (COI) research service is primarily fee-paying, but ARC may be able to undertake pro bono COI research for NGOs with limited funds who provide free services to refugees.

ARC also provides country specific and thematic COI research for UNHCR, publishes commentaries on UK Home Office Country Information and Guidance reports (and previously commentaries on the now discontinued Operational Guidance Notes), and commentaries on European Asylum Support Office (EASO) COI reports. ARC also undertakes research consultancy, project management and training to the asylum, immigration and human rights sector both in the UK and internationally.

ARC further manages the international COI Forum which provides a platform for COI researchers and refugee status determination practitioners to share publications and ideas on COI research and sources, and to develop shared resources. ARC also provides a free bi-monthly COI Update, which contains notifications of new Home Office COI publications as well as recent publications and developments in the top countries of origin of asylum seekers in the UK.