Association Nationale des Gardiens de la Paix

Published: 6 Oct 2016

City: Brazaville
Contact Person: Emmanuel Ongouala
Telephone: +242 06 941 7694
+242 05 560 1807
Street Address: 111, rue Mbomo- Talangai, Brazzaville, Congo

Association Nationale des Gardiens de la Paix (ANGP) is a non-governmental agency in Brazzaville that offers humanitarian assistance for refugees and focuses on the promotion and the defence of human rights. Emmanuel Ongouala serves as the President of ANGP. ANGP provides services in health services, education, welfare and employment and deals with cases of corruption, security, and judicial inequalities. Refugees in the Congo are vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, corruption, and legal injustices and ANGP assists in securing the rights of refugees and advocates for the creation of a protective legal framework. According to the UNHCR’s 2010 Statistical Online Population Database refugees from Chad, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ethiopia, Mauritania, and Rwanda, Angola and Sudan are residing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.