Danish Refugee Council

Published: 6 Oct 2016

Website: www.drc.dk/
Telephone: +45 33 73 50 00
Street Address: Borgergade 10, 3.sal, 1300 Copenhagen K

The DRC has a counselling centre which is open to everyone on Wednesdays between 10am – 1pm. Or you can contact our asylum counsel service on the phone 33 73 50 00 Monday – Friday between 9:00 to 15:00. You can also send us questions via e-mail on advice@drc.dk.

The DRC offers personal legal counselling even if your application has been rejected. Our legal team knows the procedures, rules and regulations of Danish and international law. If you have questions about for example detention, review of a case, deportation or if you have received a letter you don’t understand, they can help you.

The Danish Refugee Council pays regular visits to the Danish asylum centres where they give counsel and answer questions with interpreters

Note: If you visit them at their offices and you don’t speak English or Danish, you will need to bring your own interpreter. Counselling via phone is also in English or Danish. All employees of the Danish Refugee Council have a duty of confidentiality.