Diakonie Refugee Service

Published: 5 Oct 2016

Website: www.fluechtlingsdienst.diakonie.at/
Contact Person: Mag. Christoph Riedl
Mag. Pamela Haderlein
Telephone: 01/4026754
Fax: 01/4026754/16
Street Address: 1170 Vienna, Steiner Gasse 3

This legal advice centre translates and explains notices received from authorities and assists asylum seekers in writing appeals. The decision on further steps is always left to the client. They represent their clients to the Federal Asylum Office or for negotiations before the Asylum Court. The Diakonie Refugee Service also prioritises the care of detainees.


Social assistance is also offered in terms of accommodation, care, security, learning, and help to develop of future plans and the first steps towards integration. They offer our clients language courses and support for skills upgrading and provide access to public service employment. For clients with psychiatric disorders, they offer need-based housing, social and medical-therapeutic intensive care, and leisure education programs.