Published: 5 Oct 2016

Website: www.odhikar.org/
Telephone: 88-02-9888587
Fax: 88-02-9886208

In 1994, Odhikar (a Bangla word that means ‘rights’) was established to create a wider monitoring and awareness raising system on the abuse of civil and political rights. The principal objectives of the organisation are to raise the awareness of human rights and its various abuses, on the one hand and to create a vibrant democratic system through election monitoring on the other. The organisation also performs policy advocacy to address the current human rights situation. Odhikar has no field or branch offices. Instead, it has trained more than 300 people all over the country to be human rights defenders, who provide information from outside Dhaka. It has developed a strong network of partners and human rights defenders not only all over Bangladesh, but also in the region. Odhicar is a member of the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network.