Tabish Organization (Tabish Social Health Education Organization)

Published: 5 Oct 2016

Telephone: +93 (0)7 97 33 44 99
+93 75 21 41 519
+93 70 02 57 340
Postal Address: P.O. Box, Ministry of Information and Communication, Kabul Afghanistan 5661

Tabish Organization provides psycho-social well-being through community based services and project field work. They encourage cultural dialogue and facilitate socio-cultural activities, through health education awareness, safe motherhood program, counselling for victims of GBV, support of children exposed to armed conflict, harm reduction & detoxification, raising awareness, informal education, vocational training, soft skill training for children and women, and reducing poverty to facilitate self-sufficiency which is an important step towards peace and reconciliation, focusing also on IDP camps, and the community affected by armed conflict.
They build the capacities of non-governmental organisations and governmental agencies to provide psycho-social care and mental health care services. They also develop concepts for organisations that wish to improve the sustainability of their programmes by introducing a psycho-social component to their projects.