2016 Annual IRRI Report on exile and displacement: Causes, solutions and rights protection

Published: 22 Dec 2016

The International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI) publishes an annual report on progress made in three focus areas:

  • identifying the violations that cause displacement and exile;
  • protecting the rights of those who are displaced, and
  • ensuring the solutions to their displacement are durable, rights respecting, safe and timely.

The 2016 report summarizes our work and looks ahead to the coming year. From continued coverage of the crisis in Burundi to bringing international attention to conflict in Sudan, IRRI has increased the visibility of multiple refugee issues.

IRRI also worked to protect rights in exile by publicising deportation in Europe, Israel and beyond with the Post-Deportation Monitoring Programme. We equipped refugees with information to self-advocate with individual casework and our legal aid online portal.

Finally, IRRI has catalysed policy-level discussions with our reports and recommendations on DafurSouth Sudan, and Somalia. We have seen our suggestions acknowledged and accepted by the UK Foreign Office, UNMISS and the UNHCR. We contributed a chapter to the book Solving Statelessness and published Refugees, Conflict and the Search for Belonging, the result of seven years of research.

Programmes: Causes of Displacement, Resolving Displacement, Rights in Exile
Regions: Great Lakes Region, Burundi, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, North and Horn of Africa, Sudan, Western Africa, Gambia, Other, Somalia
Type: Library, Paper