At IRRI, we entrench inclusive participation so that no one is left behind, while ensuring that we are enabling agency and promoting the rights of all people. We ensure that our programming takes into account intersectionalities within our communities, therefore securing ethnic, religious, gender, age, ability, language, literacy, sexuality and other diversity inclusion.

We recognise that asylum and exile are shaped by social constructs and thus impact on people differently, and we are cognisant of and conscious to the power structures and dynamics within the work we undertake, and to how these impact on access, visibility and narratives. We therefore employ various methodologies in our programming, aimed at debunking myths and countering stigma, thus fostering changes in knowledge and attitudes, and challenging narratives, while catalysing social cohesion, communal support and solidarity for marginalised and excluded people, and entrenching a culture of peace and justice.

We safeguard diversity inclusion by making specific accommodations for the effective participation of women, youth and persons with disability and other vulnerabilities and intersectionalities.  This is streamlined throughout our interventions, including in our research and data collation, that ensures disaggregated information where applicable, and gendered analyses, responses and recommendations.

A number of interventions we undertake, specifically empower women and girls.