Volunteering and Internships

Upcoming opportunities: July-September 2020, October – December 2020

IRRI offers the opportunity to volunteers and interns to engage directly with current issues, debates and advocacy around human in times of conflict and displacement.  Volunteers and interns are accepted only in our Kampala office.


IRRI expects that volunteers and interns will be with IRRI for at least three months in total, either  part or full time subject to the mutual needs at the time of recruitment. Volunteers are free to leave at any time; however this duration is suggested in order to provide a mutually beneficial experience.

Start and end dates are determined on an individual basis during the recruitment process or as indicated above.  Individuals considered will be contacted for an interview and recruited on merit.

If you are interested in interning or volunteering with IRRI, please send a cover letter indicating your dates of availability, your CV and a writing sample to info@refugee-rights.org.

Note: all volunteer and intern opportunities are unpaid.

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