“A Dangerous Impasse: Rwandan Refugees in Uganda”

Published: 28 Jun 2010

Today, the International Refugee Rights Initiative and the Refugee Law Project launched a new report, “A Dangerous Impasse: Rwandan Refugees in Uganda”. The paper examines why refugees living in Uganda’s Nakivale settlement are refusing to return to Rwanda despite considerable push factors. Based on 102 interviews with Rwandan refugees, UN and government officials, the findings make it clear that there are legitimate reasons for the refugees’ stance. To the extent that refugee groups can act as a barometer of the situation at home, the findings are a serious indictment of the current Rwandan government. Refugees view the government as repressive, and dissent in many aspects of life is not tolerated. Those who question the regime are subjected to human rights violations that include discrimination in employment, imprisonment and forced disappearance. As a result, refugees are not only reluctant to return home, they are afraid.


Programmes: Rights in Exile
Regions: Great Lakes Region, Rwanda
Type: Library, Paper