IRRI Rights in Exile Newsletter – December 2017

Published: 1 Dec 2017


ISSN 2049-2650

Editorial Team: Fiona McKinnon, Mandy Jam, Susan Fratzke, Catherine Tyson, Natsumi Paxton, Nejla Sammakia, Iana Messetchkova, Mohamed ElSayeh, Kavita Kapur, Joshua Lowe, and Christian Jorgensen.

Chief Editor: Themba Lewis

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In this issue:


Why some E.U. States want hotspots in the Sahel


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News


Stateless persons forced to remain in ‘perpetual limbo’ in Malta

Africa: UNHCR report exposes the discrimination pervading the life of stateless minorities worldwide

Short Pieces

Rwanda: Exceptions to cessation under 1 C (5) of the 1951 Geneva Convention

Asylum for witches

Stop persecuting the persecuted: Australia must provide safety and long-term solutions to refugees on Manus Island

Over a year after the demolition of the Calais “Jungle,” 400 minors remain stranded in France

Statement by Conference on Responsibility-Sharing for Refugees in the Euro-Mediterranean Space

Bangladesh resists greater UNHCR role in Rohingya crisis

Egypt: We need to talk about al-Sisi’s twisted take on human rights

NGOs sign open letter to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras asking the government to allow refugees off Greek islands

Administrative Detention In Greece Remains Problematic

Case Notes

UK Court of Appeal on personal history of conversion as part of religious belief

Germany: Constitutional Court ruled that the refusal of legal aid for appeals against subsidiary protection by Syrian nationals was unlawful

The right to an effective remedy in the case of a delayed Dublin transfer

Sri Lankan national seeking asylum in the UK on the grounds of subsidiary protection, testing whether the scope extends to psychological health

Eritrean child seeking asylum in the Netherlands: the right to family reunification and gaps in protection in regards to the the age of majority

France: court decisions on Dublin detention contrast with government reform plans

Opinion and Editorial

US must not dismantle Population, Refugees and Migration bureau

Obstacles to accessing international protection and restriction of rights of asylum seekers in the Spanish enclaves in Africa

More “safe” third country concept: Less safe world

Why Indonesia shows the IOM isn’t necessarily helping migrants

Nothing utopian about an archipelago of exclusion: A transnational union of self-governing refugee communities would close doors even more

Progressively compromised: Left parties on refugee rights

UNHCR has failed to stand up for refugee rights during crucial EU-Turkey deal judgement

Letters to the Editors

‘They forced us onto trucks like animals’


Refugee Research Network (RRN) Research Digest

EuroMed Rights: MigrAction News

Odysseus Network, October 2017

NGO Action News

Global Detention Project Newsletter, October 2017

The Refugee Brief: The UN Refugee Agency’s daily news digest



Conferences, courses, and workshops

Calls for papers

Grants and awards: Steinberg Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship


Request: 3rd country returns to Turkey



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