IRRI Rights in Exile Newsletter – January 2019

Published: 2 Jan 2019

Issue 98, January 2019

ISSN 2049-2650

Editorial Team: Olivia Bueno, Catherine Tyson, Nejla Sammakia, Mohamed ElSayeh, Kavita Kapur, Joshua Lowe, Christian Jorgensen, Cristina de Nicolas, Nicolas Parent, and Taylor Brooks.

Chief Editor: Fiona McKinnon

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In this issue:


Will the ECHR shake up the European asylum system?


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

How to develop the mental health care that refugees really need

Asylum and the abuse of administrative law

Forcing asylum seekers to remain in Mexico subjects them to web of endless violence

Concerns over Eritrea’s role in efforts by Africa and EU to manage refugees

160+ academics request MEPs to vote in favour of Humanitarian Visas Motion – and it gets approved!

It’s getting harder to win asylum in court, at least for some applicants

143-day average waiting times for detained asylum seekers – another unlawful system?

Greece, EU: Move asylum seekers to safety

Case Notes

US District Court orders release of Iraqi detainees

Lawsuit challenging delays in asylum screening interviews and bond hearings in the US continues

Seven Rohingya children ordered released in Malaysia

Concourt agrees: People guilty of serious crimes will not qualify for refugee status in South Africa

South Africa’s Constitutional Court rules Refugees Act doesn’t place time limitation on asylum applications

US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals finds BIA abused its discretion in denying asylum because it failed to comply with its own precedent

UK Home Office further amends removals policy in response to Upper Tribunal judgment


Conferences and workshops

Calls for papers







Type: Advocacy