IRRI Rights in Exile Newsletter – July 2018

Published: 2 Jul 2018

Issue 94, July 2018

ISSN 2049-2650

Editorial Team: Catherine Tyson, Natsumi Paxton, Nejla Sammakia, Mohamed ElSayeh, Kavita Kapur, Joshua Lowe, Christian Jorgensen, Cristina de Nicolas, Nicolas Parent, and Taylor Brooks.

Chief Editor: Themba Lewis

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In this issue:


The Guardian publishes the full UNITED List of 34,361 refugee deaths on 20 June 2018, World Refugee Day

EC Migration Agreement: European Council conclusions, 28 June 2018


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News


New academic research centre dedicated to statelessness

Statelessness, discrimination, and marginalisation of Roma in Albania

Short Pieces

Palestinian refugees and the right of return in international law

Why domestic abuse and anti-gay violence qualify as persecution in asylum law

Highlight: changing US asylum response

House bills would largely dismantle asylum system at U.S.-Mexico border

Trump Executive Order fails to end abuses at U.S. border

USCIS takes down 26 PDFs for training asylum officers from its website

US immigration court backlog jumps while case processing slows

Former United States Immigration Judges and Board Members respond to Attorney General’s intervention against asylum seekers fleeing domestic violence

The health of the refugees on strike in danger because of the punitive approach of the Minister

EuroMed Rights General Assembly: 80 human rights organisations from the Mediterranean region gather in Brussels

Access to asylum and detention at France’s borders: ECRE published mission report

Victory for asylum seekers in South Africa as Constitutional Court rules on extension of temporary permits

The Illegal Economy of Refugee Registration: Insights into the Ugandan Refugee Scandal #PublicAuthority

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights press briefing note on Algeria and Libya

New CAP brief sheds light on why people continue to flee Latin America

Netherlands: National authorities failed to investigate if applicant would have access to psychological care in Belgium in practice

Austria: Supreme Administrative Court upholds exclusion from refugee status of asylum applicant who was convicted of child sexual abuse

France: Government continues to clear migrant camps in Paris

UNHCR and UNDP sign MoU with Myanmar to repatriate Rohingya refugees

The International Crisis Group releases its May 2018 overview

Transformative participation is essential for refugee children’s involvement in Uganda’s development

Thailand: Ensure refugee rights and protections through refugee legislation (Joint statement by Fortify Rights, APRRN and CRSP)

Turkey: Strengthening legal protection and access to justice

Niger sends Sudanese refugees back to Libya

Case Notes

How a legal challenge on Rohingya deportation could redefine the bounds of international justice

European Court of Human Rights communicates asylum-related cases regarding Romania, Croatia and the Netherlands

Opinion and Editorial

Asylum in Europe – Where do we go now?

Letters to the editors

Refugee children’s involvement in Uganda’s development



Conferences, courses, and workshops

Calls for papers

Grants and awards



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