Now is not the time to walk away: UNSC needs to renew and strengthen UNAMID

Published: 23 Jun 2016

(23 June 2016) With the UNAMID mandate renewal under discussion at the UN Security Council, a new report released today by the International Refugee Rights Initiative provides an analysis of the joint United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) as seen by some of the civilians the force is mandated to protect.

The report, “No one on the earth cares if we survive except God and sometimesUNAMID’: The challenges of peacekeeping in Darfur, is the second of a three-part study on civilian perspectives on peacekeeping forces in Africa. The findings make it clear that when the UN security Council considers the upcoming renewal of the peacekeeping mandate of UNAMID in late June, not only is this not the time for the international community to walk away, it is, in fact, time for UNAMID to step up.

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Programmes: Resolving Displacement, Responsibility to Protect R2P
Regions: North and Horn of Africa, Sudan
Type: Library, Paper, Press Release