One month on in Darfur and Sudan: The Expulsion and Suspension of International and National Humanitarian and Human Rights Organisations

Published: 23 Apr 2009

A note issued by the Darfur Consortium in collaboration with IRRI to the African Union

It has been just over one month since the expulsion of 13 international humanitarian agencies from Sudan by the Government of Sudan and the suspension of the operations of three leading local organisations which provided protection and humanitarian aid. Along with all well-meaning peoples and entities within and outside Africa, the Consortium remains deeply troubled by the deeply adverse effects that these developments have on the protection of civilians, the humanitarian situation in Darfur, the protection of human rights in Sudan, and the indigenous Sudanese human rights movement more generally.

This 2 briefing note, which was compiled with the assistance of members of the Consortium working on the ground in Darfur and Sudan, addresses the following issues:

  • The humanitarian situation following the expulsions and suspensions;
  • The suspension of indigenous organisations providing assistance and protection in Darfur and Sudan and the harassment and detention of human rights defenders; and
  • Sudan’s legal obligations under its Constitution and regional and international humanitarian and human rights law.

It concludes with recommendations principally for the African Union and its member states and governments.

Programmes: Causes of Displacement, Statelessness, Citizenship and Right to a Nationality, Rights in Exile
Regions: North and Horn of Africa, Sudan
Type: Library, Paper