The intimate relationship between impunity, mass exodus and regional security in Africa, demonstrated hauntingly by the 1994 Rwanda genocide, continues to be of a particular relevance on the African continent. Integrating the principles of human rights and international justice into responses to forced displacement is a major focus of IRRI’s work.

Although the African experience has been critical in developing concepts of international justice through ad hoc tribunals and support for the creation of the ICC, there is now considerable tension about the future of these concepts on the continent. IRRI continues to work to promote the use of judicial and non-judicial mechanisms for accountability by Africa’s (sub-) regional institutions and monitor the efficacy and impact of ICC investigations.

IRRI’s activities have spanned advocacy with African states on the ICC referral regarding Sudan (from its initiation to the Article 16 debate), monitoring the impact of the ICC in Sudan, providing advice and support to the Court and  responding to the urgent protection needs of human rights defenders who have promoted international justice.