Sudan: Human rights defenders detained, face death penalty

Published: 7 Jul 2017

Authorities should release all in arbitrary detention, drop charges
Sudanese authorities have been unjustly holding Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, Hafiz  Idris, and Mobarak Adam Abdalla, three human rights defenders, and have charged them with ‘crimes against the state which carry the death penalty, 26 human rights groups said today. Dr. Mudawi Ibahim Adam and Hafiz Idris have been held for approximately seven months, and Mobarak Adam Abdalla for over three months. Authorities should immediately release the men and drop the bogus charges against them, the groups said.

Authorities are also holding seven other human rights activists in detention, some apparently solely because they are alleged to have had contacts with international human rights organizations. These individuals also face criminal charges in a related case. A trial date has not yet been set. Sudanese authorities should also immediately drop all criminal charges related to their legitimate human rights work and release the group.

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Programmes: Causes of Displacement
Regions: North and Horn of Africa, Sudan
Type: Open Letter