The International Refugee Rights Initiative and the Fahamu Refugee Programme announce merger

Published: 1 Jul 2014

(1 July 2014) It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Fahamu Refugee Programme (FRP) has merged with the International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI).

The merger reinforces IRRI’s capacity to address refugee rights issues, bringing new opportunities and expertise and complementing our research and policy work with a focus on legal assistance. At the same time, integrating the staff of FRP into a larger and more established institutional structure will enhance FRP’s capacity by bringing new opportunities to strengthen FRP’s work in promoting refugee rights through legal aid, the core of their mission.

With this merger, Themba Lewis, Co-Director of FRP, and Adrian Henderson, the Coordinator of the Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network (SRLAN) will be integrated into IRRI’s Rights in Exile programme and Barbara Harrell-Bond, Co-Director and Founder of FRP will continue to be engaged through the IRRI advisory board.

We are convinced that together the two organizations will amount to more than the sum of their parts and be able to act more holistically and effectively for the benefit of refugees.

The future is exciting.

Programmes: Rights in Exile
Type: Advocacy